Copy/Paste of NC Manufacturing Data

This document deals with copying Machining data between CATProcess documents. You can Copy/Paste part operations, manufacturing programs, machining operations, and machining processes from one CATProcess document to another.

All the NC data is duplicated in the target document through the Copy/Paste mechanism.

Copy/Paste Between CATProcesses

You can Copy/Paste the following Machining activities:

Note that Tool paths are not copied.

NC features

The Duplicate Geometry Links option in the Tools> Options > Machining > Operation tab page must be set to take into account the copy of NC Geometrical data.

All the NC features are copied with the activities which reference them. Machining Patterns, Machinable Area Features, Machining Features are copied. Features are copied only if they are used by operations.

If the option is not set, only NC activities and resources data are copied.

Product and Part documents data

If Machining Activities to be copied are included in a Part Operation, then:

NC resources

The resource is in the original Process document: