Generate NC Documentation

task target This task shows how to generate NC documentation in HTML format.
pre-requisites You can use the following scripting languages, depending on the platform you are running on:
  • BasicScript 2.2 SDK for UNIX (BasicScript is a registered trademark of Summit Software Company)
  • VBScript, short for Visual Basic Scripting Edition, for Windows (Visual Basic is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation). 

Users on Windows must have Windows Scripting Host installed.

You should have previously customized a CATScript file that defines the layout of the document you want to generate. 
Samples are delivered with the product in \Startup\Manufacturing\Documentation.

scenario 1. Select Generate Documentation .

The Process Documentation dialog box appears.


2. Select the CATScript file by clicking the Browse button on the right of the Script field.

In this version, just leave Process as the Process name.

3. Specify the folder and file where the documentation is to be generated by clicking the Browse button on the right of the Path field.
4. Click OK to generate your documentation.

An extract from a Sample Shop Floor Documentation delivered with this User's Guide is given below.

Please note that the documentation can include machining times for machining operations and manufacturing programs.

end of task