Part Operations and Manufacturing Programs

This section deals with creating and managing the following major entities of the Machining environment.

Create and Edit a Part Operation: Select Part Operation then specify the entities to be referenced by the part operation: machine tool, machining axis system, tool change point, part set up, and so on.
Create and Edit a Manufacturing Program: Select Manufacturing Program to add a program to the current part operation then insert all necessary program entities: machining operations, tool changes, PP instructions, and so on.
Process Table: Right-click a Manufacturing Program or a Part Operation selection in the PPR tree, and select Process Table to activate a view in which the various operations of the program or PO are presented in a table format.
Auto-sequence Operations in a Program (P2 functionality): Verify the administrator's settings for sequencing rules and priorities. If you are authorized, you can adjust these settings before applying the Auto-sequencing to your program.
Generate Transition Paths in a Program (P2 functionality): Automatically creates all necessary transition paths and machine rotations in the program according to the kinematics of the machine tool assigned to the Part Operation and user-defined transition planes.
  Create a Process Template