Tool Path Approaches and Retracts

This task explains how to add or remove approaches and retracts in a tool path.
  1. A dialog box is displayed:

  2. In the Delete frame, in the Filter section, check the appropriate boxes. You can delete:

    from the whole tool path or from a polygon that you draw on the tool path.

  3. Then click:

  4. Choose the Approach or the Retract tab to add approaches or retracts.

  5. Select the type of motion you want to use and modify the settings if necessary.

  6. Click Apply. A message is displayed:

    • If you answer Yes, you will add an approach or a retract motion to the whole path.
    • If you answer No, use the Selection bar to define an area to apply the approach or retract motion.
  7. If you are satisfied with the results click OK.
    If not, continue to make changes to the approach and retract tabs until you are.

    You can also modify:

  • existing approaches 
  • or existing retracts.

The operating mode is the same as above.