Part Operation and Set Up Documents

This document provides methodology for setting up the workpiece, stock, and fixtures on the machine.

A user task showing you how to manage part set up is also include in this guide.


Part Operation means:

Set up is usually defined through a CATProduct document. It includes the machine table, the workpiece (in position), the fixtures, and the stock.

A CATProcess document can include several Part Operations. Each Part Operation references a different CATProduct set up document.

Preparing the First Set Up

Create one CATProduct document for first set up with:

Preparing the Second Set Up

Create one CATProduct document for second set up with:

Programming the Top of the Workpiece

Use the first  CATProduct document for first Part Operation.

Programming the Bottom of the Workpiece

In the same CATProcess document (or in another), create a Part Operation that refers to the second CATProduct (that is, the second set up).


If there are several Part Operations in the same CATProcess document, then by activating one Part Operation, the system will show the corresponding Product(s) referenced by that Part Operation.