NC Documentation

task target This task shows you how to generate customized NC documentation.

You will have to customize a VBScript macro file according to the document that you want to generate.

You can use the following scripting languages, depending on the platform you are running on:
  • BasicScript 2.2 SDK for UNIX (BasicScript is a registered trademark of Summit Software Company)
  • VBScript, short for Visual Basic Scripting Edition, for Windows (Visual Basic is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation). 

Users on Windows must have Windows Scripting Host installed.

scenario 1. Open a sample delivered with the product from \Startup\Manufacturing\Documentation.
2. Open the document delivered with the product in \Startup\Manufacturing\Documentation\NCDocumentationReadMe.htm.

This document describes the interfaces to help you to produce NC manufacturing documentation.

3. Modify the sample according to the type of document you want.
4. Generate the documentation as described in Generate NC Documentation.

end of task