Organize Machining Processes in a Catalog

task target This task shows how to organize machining processes in a catalog file.

A catalog file allows you to display the machining processes list by means of the Catalog Editor workbench. Also, you use catalog files to interactively apply a machining process.

All CATProcess documents containing machining processes to be used in the catalog should be open.
scenario 1. In order to store a machining process as a catalog component, select the Catalog Editor workbench from the Start > Infrastructure menu.
2. Click Add Family to create a component family. 
The Component Family Definition dialog box appears.
3. Enter a name for the component family (for example, AxialMachiningProcesses).
4. Double-click the AxialMachiningProcesses component family in the graph.
5. Click Add Component to create a catalog component.
The Description Definition dialog box appears. 
6. Click Select external feature, then select AxialMachProcess1 in the Machining Process View of your AxialMachiningProcess1.CATProcess document. 

7. Click OK to make the machining process a component of the catalog component family.
8. Select File > Save As to save the catalog (catalogAxialMP1.catalog, for example).

Please refer to Apply a Machining Process for information about applying machining processes to geometry such as design features and machining patterns.

end of task