Inserting PP Instructions

task target This task shows how to add PP instructions in the program.
scenario 1. In the specification tree, select a reference program entity.  The PP instruction will be added after this entity in the program.
2. Select Post-Processor Instruction in the Auxiliary Operations toolbar.

The Post-Processor Instruction dialog box appears, allowing you to enter the syntax of a PP instruction.

3. Enter one or more PP word syntaxes directly in the text area as shown below.

  4. Click in the dialog box to access the PP Words Selection Assistant dialog box.
The content of the PP words table that is referenced in the current part operation is available for selection in this dialog box. 

5. Select the desired major word. If syntaxes are defined for this major word in the table, they are also available for selection. 
Your selection is displayed in the Current Selection area. If the selected syntax contains parameters (&RVAL, for example ), you will be prompted to complete the syntax with numerical values. Pease refer to PP Tables and Word Syntaxes for more information.

Click Apply to add the selected syntax to the PP instruction.

6. Click OK to create the PP instruction in the program.

More About Inserting PP Instructions

Please note the following points:

  • You can display the syntax of the PP instruction in a larger, resizable dialog box (16 lines of 72 characters) by clicking on the Larger View icon in the dialog box.
  • A default contextual menu providing edition facilities is available by right-clicking in the text area (Undo/Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete/Select All).
  • A Refresh icon is available to refresh the PP word syntax to take into account parameter modification in the other tab pages of the editor.
  • You can define a PP instruction that references user parameters created in a design part, and output the result in the APT source when the PP instruction is processed.
  • The program does not check the validity of your syntax.

end of task