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Basic Tasks


Defining a Shuttle

About Shuttles

Editing a Shuttle

Snapping Objects

About the Manipulation Toolbar

Mono-Shuttle Fitting Simulation

Recording a Simulation

Recording a Simulation Automatically

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Displaying a Gantt Chart

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Generating Animations

Generating a Video Using Standard Tools

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Exploding a Product

Exploding a Constrained Assembly

Exploding a Shuttle

Generating a Sequence from an Exploded View

Defining Groups

Advanced Tasks

Using Multiple Shuttles

Defining Several Shuttles

Defining a Shuttle Made of Shuttles

Recording a Multiple Shuttle Simulation

Defining a Shuttle Motion using another Shuttle as Reference

Defining a Shuttle Motion Using a Product as Reference

Adding a Shuttle in a Simulation

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Dismounting the Chainsaw Handle

Illustrating the Dismounting Operation

Finalizing the Dismounting Operation

Generating a Film

Converting a Simulation into a Sequence

Using Path Finder

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Writing a Path Finder Macro

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About Path Finder and Its Parameters

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Validating a Motion

Validating Positions Automatically

Measuring Distances

Detecting Clashes

Performing an Experiment and Generating a Report

Swept Volume

Defining a Swept Volume

Filtering Swept Volume Positions

Defining a Swept Volume from any Moving Reference

About Filtering and Relative Swept Volume


Interoperability with CATIA V4

Writing Axis Systems From a V5 Track to a V4 Model

Reading a V4 Route and Sequence in V5

How to Do a Safe Save in ENOVIA LCA from CATIA V5

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