Exploding a Product

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task illustrates how to use Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes).

Exploding the view of an assembly means separating the components of this assembly to see their relationships. At any time, though, you can check the product structure via the specification tree. Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes) allows you to understand fully the product structure in a 3D context.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the CHAINSAW.CATProduct document.
  1. Select Product1 in the specification tree or on the PPR tree.

  2. Click Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes).

    The Explode dialog box is displayed.
    If you are using Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes) in a product window, the Manipulation toolbar appears.  Also, you can also use the drag and drop capability (drag the Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes) icon, and drop it onto the required product in the specification tree).

    If you are using Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes) in a process window, the Generate Sequence check box is not available.

  3. Set Depth to All levels (if not already set).

    The Depth parameter lets you choose between a totally (All levels) or partially (First level) exploded view.
  4. Set Type to 3D (if not already set).

    If you are using Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes) in a product window, you can generate a sequence from the exploded view if you select the Generate Sequence checkbox before launching the explode operation.
    aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) For more detailed information refer to Generating a Sequence from an Exploded View.
  5. Click Apply to perform the operation.

    The Scroll Explode field gradually displays the progression of the operation. The application assigns directions and distances. Once complete, the assembly looks like this:
    This operation enables you to view all components separately.
  6. If you select  , you go back to a product structure level. 

    In this case, because All Levels was initially selected, you go back to a view of the geometry on the sub-entity level. In this case, the sub-entities are the engine, handle, and sword, as shown below.
    You can easily move products within the exploded view using the 3D compass.
  7. Select the OK button to confirm the operation or select the Cancel button to restore the initial view.

    If you select the OK button, the following warning message is displayed because the exploded view is kept when exiting the command. In this case, if you need to restore the initial view, select Reset .