Defining a Shuttle Made of Shuttles

This task shows how to prepare a dismounting operation by defining a shuttle made of shuttles. You decide to dismount the whole clutch system included in the engine group. Three shuttles are defined in our sample:
  • Drum-Shuttle
  • Hub-Shuttle
  • Shoe-Shuttle
View of the shuttles in the specification tree:
In the geometry:

In the procedure that follows, you integrate the Hub-shuttle and Shoe-Shuttle into the Drum-Shuttle.

As you replay the simulation, the three shuttles are single entities, but if you need to move the whole clutch system, you will only move the Drum-Shuttle.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the ENGINE_WITH_SHUTTLES.CATProduct document.  Please refer to Defining a Shuttle and Editing a Shuttle .
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) You can use the drag and drop capability create shuttles in existing shuttles. Using drag and drop can help to prepare your dismounting operation more carefully. You can reorganize your assembly into a shuttle node on the specification tree which corresponds to a logical dismount operation. The shuttle node on the specification tree reflects your product specification tree and the logical dismount procedure. 
  1. Multi-select the Hub-Shuttle and the Shoe-Shuttle.

  2. Drag your selection onto the Drum-Shuttle object.

    You created a shuttle made of Shoe-Shuttle and Hub-Shuttle which reflects the logical assembly.
  3. Double-click the Drum-Shuttle in the specification tree.

    The Edit Shuttle dialog box and Preview window are displayed
  4. Move the Drum-Shuttle.

    The Hub-Shuttle and the Shoe-Shuttle move alongside
  5. Select the OK button on the Edit Shuttle dialog box to exit.

  6. Double-click the Hub-Shuttle.

  7. Move the Hub-Shuttle as required.

  8. Proceed in the same manner for the Shoe-Shuttle.

    This is what you obtain:
  You are now ready to record a simulation. Please refer to the next task Recording a Multi-Shuttle Simulation.