Recording a Multiple Shuttle Simulation

This task shows how to simulate a more than one shuttle fitting simulation. You are going to record a simulation with three shuttles.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the SHUTTLES_MADE_OF_SHUTTLES.CATProduct document.
  1. Multi-select in the specification tree:

    • Drum-Shuttle

    • Hub-Shuttle

    • Shoe-Shuttle

  2. Select Insert > Simulation.

    The Edit Simulation dialog box is displayed.
    The 3D compass lets you move the shuttle.
  3. Move the Drum-Shuttle to the desired location via the manipulator.

  4. Select the Insert button to record the shot.

    Insert means that you record and insert shots inside the scenario. The initial location of the shuttle is automatically recorded as a starting shot. If you need to reposition the shuttle, please delete the first position or modify it.
  5. Select the Hub-Shuttle. Three possibilities are available:

    • Select the Hub-Shuttle in the specification tree
    • Select the Hub-Shuttle axis in the geometry area
    • Select the product in the geometry area.
    The 3D compass snaps onto your selection.
  6. Move the Hub-Shuttle to the desired location using the 3D compass.

  7. Click the Insert button and record the desired shot.

    You recorded the motion of the three shuttles. The simulation object is created and identified in the specification tree.
  8. Select the Shoe-Shuttle axis.

  9. Drag the Shoe-Shuttle to the required location.

  10. Record this motion by clicking the Insert button.

  11. Select the OK button in the Edit Simulation dialog box.

  12. You can now create a replay.

    aremind.gif (956 bytes) For more information, please refer to Generating a Replay.
    aremind.gif (956 bytes) To analyze an object and its related objects under the form of a specification tree or in the 3D, select Analyze  > Current Selection from the menu bar. The Current Selection Panel dialog box appears as follows: