Defining the Shuttle

Before starting this scenario, you should have loaded your CHAINSAW.CATProduct as described in the previous step.
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) A shuttle is a set of products defined explicitly by selecting products individually.
Shuttles are persistent and can be stored in the document.
This task explains to you how to define the list of products you want to move together.
  1. Select a product in the geometry area or in the specification tree.

  2. Select other products using LMB + Ctrl to add them to the initial selection.

  3. Select Insert > Shuttle... from the menu bar or click the Shuttle  to create a shuttle.

    The Edit Shuttle dialog box and the Preview window appear.
    The 3D compass automatically snaps onto the to-be-created shuttle axis.
    You can define a maximum Angle of rotation for the shuttle around the absolute axis you select. If you do so, the shuttle motion is defined and validated with respect to the angle value defined.
    The Preview window shows selected products.
    gsdbpreview.gif (15041 bytes)
  4. (Optional) Enter a meaningful name for the shuttle you want to create.

  5. Click OK to create the shuttle.

    The shuttle is identified in the specification tree.
aremind.gif (956 bytes) Shuttles created in this manner are persistent and can be stored in the document. They are listed as separate entity in the specification tree and can be selected at any time and modified.