Generating a Sequence from an Exploded View 

This task shows how to generate a sequence from an exploded view.

This procedure only works in V5 workbenches that deal with products, not processes.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the CHAINSAW.CATProduct document. 
  1. Select Product1 in the specification tree.

  2. Select the Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes).

    The Explode dialog box and Manipulation toolbar are displayed.
    You can also use the drag and drop capability (drag the Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes) icon and drop it onto the required product in the specification tree).
  3. Set Depth to All levels (if not already set).

    The Depth parameter lets you choose between a totally (All levels) or partially (First level) exploded view.
  4. Set Type to 3D (if not already set).

  5. Select the Generate Sequence checkbox.

  6. Select the Apply button to perform the operation.

    Note that you can move products within the exploded view using the 3D compass.
    The Manipulation toolbar is also available once you move an object with the 3D Compass.
  7. Click OK in the Information Box dialog box.

    The Scroll Explode field gradually displays the progression of the operation. The application assigns directions and distances. Once complete, the resulting exploded view looks like this:
  8. In the Explode dialog box, select the OK button.

    The following warning message is displayed; select the Yes button
    This is what you obtain: the tracks are created and displayed in the geometry area. A sequence is automatically created and displayed in the specification tree.
  9. Double-click Sequence.1 in the specification tree. Play your sequence as desired.

The created sequence reflects exactly the product structure (simultaneous or consecutive tracks are synchronized with the product structure)
The picture below shows you how the generated sequence is organized in a Gantt chart