Measuring Distances

This task shows how to measure distances as or after you record a simulation.
Open the MEASURING_DISTANCES.CATProduct document. 
  1. In the specification tree, click shuttle.1.

  2. Click Distance and Band Analysis I_MeasureP2.gif (277 bytes).

    The Edit Distance dialog box is displayed. Make sure the distance type is set to Minimum and Between two selections.
  3. To define the second selection, click in the Selection 2 box and select the handle either in the specification tree or in the geometry area.

  4. Click Apply.

    The distance is calculated and the Results appear in the Edit Distance and Band Analysis dialog box.
    You can also view the results in a separate viewer. To do so, click Results which is in the Edit Distance and Band Analysis dialog box. Object viewing commands and commands in the Window menu are available in this window. For example, using the Windows menu, you can tile the results window and the original document window vertically or horizontally.
  5. Click OK.

    The specification tree is updated and the calculated distance appears in the geometry.
    stmeasuringdistancesNLS.gif (2663 bytes)
  6. Double-click on Simulation.1  in the specification tree.

    The Edit Simulation dialog box is displayed.
  7. Click Edit Analysis.

    The Edit Analysis in Simulation dialog box is displayed.
    dbeditanalysisinsimuNLS.gif (12390 bytes)
  8. Click Add then select Distance1 from the displayed dialog box.

    The Edit Analysis in Simulation dialog box is updated.
  9. Click OK.

    dbeditanalysisinsimu01NLS.gif (11476 bytes)
  10. Set Distance to On in the Edit Simulation dialog box, then click OK.

    dbeditsimu01NLS.gif (21420 bytes)
  11. Click the required buttons for replaying shots.

    The minimum distance (represented by a line , two crosses and a value)  appears in the geometry area as shown below:
  12. You can display detailed information about the minimum distance at a given step by clicking on the Distance Results object in the specification tree. You can also use the Browse button from the Analysis tab.

    The specification tree is updated.

Please refer to the DMU Space Analysis User's Guide for more information about detecting and analyzing distances between products or between groups.