Reading V4 Routes and Sequences in a V5 Session


This task shows how to read a V4 route (track +shuttle) as well as a sequence in V5 DMU Fitting Simulator.

When inserting a V4 model in V5 product, if the model contains V4 routes and shuttles, the routes and shuttles are read.  Similarly, sequences are also read. 

They are selectable in the navigation tree under the *MASTER container.

A copy/paste operation from the V4 Master container to the V5 tracks container converts the V4 routes into V5 tracks. Similarly, sequences convert to V5 sequences.

A V4 Route is the association of: 1 Shuttle, 1 Home position and n Trajectories.

A V5 Track is the association of: 1 Shuttle or 1 Product, and 1 Trajectory.

The conversion concatenates the positions in the V4 Home and Trajectories to generate a single V5 path.

Insert the following .model files in the samples folder:
  • FITTING_DATA.model
  • FUEL_TUBE.model
  • SUPPORT_BEAM.model
  1. In the specification tree where the Version 4 model is displayed, select the item you wish to copy into the Fitting Simulator Version 5.

    In our example, expand FITTING_DATA and *MASTER items and multi-select:
  2. Put the data you have selected in the clipboard.

    To do this, either click Copy or select the Edit > Copy.
    To obtain the sequences, copy the items under the SEQS1 node.
  3. Select Application in the specification tree.

  4. Either click Paste or select the Edit > Paste.

    This operation recovers the data previously put in the clipboard.
  5. Open READ_V4_ROUTE.CATProduct to check your result.

  6. Select 1- BEAM REMOVAL in the specification tree and click Player , then simulate the track using the Player buttons:

The V4 model referenced by the V4 shuttle must not be renamed.  Otherwise, it may create broken links, which would disable the V4/V5 conversion.