About the Manipulation Toolbar

Shuttle-based Manipulation toolbar

Track-based Manipulation toolbar


DMU Fitting Simulator lets you validate the dismounting of assemblies by moving objects and generating simulations. Therefore, this capacity to manipulate 3D objects with a 2D mouse comes to the fore. 

Thus, DMU Fitting Simulator provides powerful tools available from the manipulation toolbar displayed every time you are working in edit shuttle mode, Explode I_ExplodeP2.gif (249 bytes), Track , and Simulation commands (if based on one or various shuttle(s).)

PreviewSelect this command to view the selected and manipulated objects in a dedicated window.
Reframe: Fits manipulated objects into the space available in the preview window.
In some cases, you need to reposition the shuttle on the geometry (namely on the symmetry axis, on rotation centers...). When you do not work in design mode, you do not have the original geometry. Various options are available:
  • use SmartTarget in one shot
  • use SmartTarget in two shots
  • use Crtl key + 3D Compass

Please refer to Moving the Shuttle, Using Smart Target in Design Mode, and About Shuttles

Dynamic Smart Target
This command creates a series of constraints on the fly, thereby reducing the degrees of freedom of the components.
Editor: Lets you edit 3D Compass position (displays the Compass Manipulation dialog box).

See Moving the Shuttle

Invert: Inverts the 3D compass orientation and the shuttle attached to the compass.
Reset: Swaps to the initial shuttle position
SnapLets you define the snapping axis, to snap the shuttle onto an object in approach phase (in simulation).

Please refer to Snapping Objects and Customizing DMU Manipulators 

Attach/Detach: Lets you move the 3D compass independently from the shuttle.

See also Pop-up Toolbar Command Availability During Track Editing.