Snapping Objects in Approach Phase

This task shows how to reposition with precision objects on the geometry using the snap capability.
Open the SNAPPING.CATProduct document.
  1. Use the View > Zoom In command and drag (left mouse button) to zoom in progressively until you can clearly see the surfaces of the nut and bolt.

  2. Select Nut 1 either in the geometry area or in the specification tree.

  3. Click Shuttle   from the DMU Simulation toolbar. 

  4. Make sure you work with the privileged plane VW.

    Right-click the compass and select Make VW the Privileged Plane.
  5. Click Define Snap Axis from the Manipulation toolbar.

    A red axis system appears on the shuttle. The current shuttle axis position is recorded.
  6. Click OK to end the shuttle creation.

    Now you might need to customize the snapping settings.
  7. Use Tools > Options > DMU Fitting > DMU Manipulation to customize snapping settings.

    Set values for the:
    • Position: 6mm (keep the default value)
    • Orientation: 200mm (20mm is the default value)
  8. Click OK to take your modifications into account.

  9. In the specification tree, drag and drop the Simulation on shuttle.1.

    Please refer to Dragging and Dropping Icons Onto Objects in the Infrastructure User's Guide.
  10. Move the shuttle as shown below:

  11. In the Edit Simulation dialog box, select the Automatic insert check box.

  12. Start recording your simulation moving the shuttle towards the disk.

    The nut is snapped as shown below.
Use the Smooth to get rid of the unnecessary positions.