Defining a Swept Volume

This task describes how to define a swept volume.
Before starting this scenario, you should be familiar with the basic commands common to all workbenches. These are described in the DMU Navigator User's Guide.

The CHAINSAW.CATProduct document should already be open.

  1. Select Track.1 in the specification tree and click Swept Volume .

    The Swept Volume dialog box appears:
    Depending on  your configuration, you may instead see the dialog box below. 

    For additional information, see the DMU Optimizer's Users Guide.

  2. Click Preview.

    The computation is in progress.
    The Preview window appears:
  3. Click Save in the Swept Volume dialog box.

    The Save As dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select cgr file from the Save as type: list.

  5. Enter a meaningful name and click Save.

  6. Insert the SWEPTVOLUME_track.cgr into Product1: to do this, right-click Product1 and select Components > Existing Component.

    The swept volume is identified in the specification tree and in the geometry area.