Ship Structure Detail Design



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Getting Started

Entering the Workbench

Design Unit Creation

Tooltips in the Specifications Tree

Deck Creation

Stiffener Creation

Face Plate Stiffener Creation

Organizing Your Document

User Tasks

Working With Systems

Creating a Design Unit

Plane System and Grid

Creating Plane Systems

Creating a Plane System Grid

Customizing Standard Views

Naming Section Characteristics

Synchronizing the Hull and Plane Systems

Synchronizing the Hull

Synchronizing the Plane Systems

Creating a Plate

Creating a Shell

Creating a Deck

Creating a Bulkhead

Creating a Web Girder

Defining Orientation

Managing Multi-Intersections

Creating Multiple Plates

Using the Advanced Plate Command

Structure Detail Design Package in Knowledge Expert

Creating Stiffeners

Creating a Deck Longitudinal Stiffener

Creating a Deck Transverse Stiffener

Creating a Stiffener Along a Plane

Creating a Stiffener Using a Curve as a Support

Defining Orientation

Creating Multiple Stiffeners

Using Section Manipulators

Creating Free Edge Stiffeners

Creating a Face Plate Stiffener

Creating a Coaming

Defining Orientation

Splitting Objects

Organizing Seams and Breaks

Creating a Seam on a Plate

Creating a Seam in a Stiffener

Creating a Break on a Plate

Creating a Break on a Stiffener

Modifying Seams

Creating Beams and Pillars

Creating a Beam Using Point and Length

Creating a Beam Using Point and Limit

Creating Beams Using Point to Point

Creating Beams Using a Curve

Creating Beams Using Beams and a Plane

Creating Pillars Using Reference Planes

Defining Orientation for Pillar/Beam


Creating an Opening Using a Sketch

Creating an Opening with a 3D Object

Creating an Opening with a Standard Opening

Defining Small Assemblies

Defining Support Geometry

Adding Small Assemblies

Placing Brackets

Defining Detail Features

Defining Endcuts

Defining Slots

Adding Detail Features

Placing Endcuts

Editing and Deleting End Cuts

Placing Slots

Editing and Deleting Slots

Edit/Query Object Properties

Edit/Multi-edit Objects

Edit or Display Properties of an Object

Changing the Display Order of Properties

Filter Shown Properties of an Object

Splitting a Design

Splitting a Design by Volume

Analyzing Designs

Viewing Related Objects

Analyzing Connections

Analyzing Interferences

Material Management

Defining Material for Profiles

Defining Material for Plates

Editing Material for Profiles

Editing Material for Plates

Using the Reference Plane Browser

Basic Navigation

Using the Formulas

Accessing the Browser

Copying and Pasting Objects

Copy and Paste in Same Place

Changing One Input

Computed Attributes

List of Attributes


Conventions and Parameters

Defining Molded Conventions

Defining Project Parameters

Project Reference Hull

Project Reference Planes

Project Resource Management

Using the PRM Command

Understanding Project Resource Management

Checking a PRM File for Errors

Organizing Resources in PRM File

List of PRM Resources

Drawing Production

Using Generative View Styles

Graphic Replacement for Reference Plane Systems

Graphic Replacement for Stiffeners

Graphic Replacement for Beams

Graphic Replacement for Plates

Graphic Replacement for Openings

Graphic Replacement for Connections

Feature Dictionary: Creating Classes/Attributes

Defining User Names for Classes and Attributes

Comparing Feature Dictionaries

Object Naming Rules

Modifying the Object Naming Rules

Add Computed Attribute to Object Name

Managing User Sections

Sketching Profiles for User Sections

Defining Anchor Points for User Sections

Section Parameters Explained


Resolved Sections Catalog: Overview

Creating a Specifications Catalog (Structures)

Creating a Standard Opening Catalog

Using the Structure Detailing Features Catalog

Adding Slots, Endcuts and Small Assemblies Templates to a Catalog

Generating Resolved Parts from Parametric Parts

Workbench Description

Structural Systems Toolbar

Grid Tool Toolbar

Functional Objects Toolbar

Detailing Features Toolbar

Seams and Breaks Toolbar