Defining Anchor Points for Sections

Anchor points can be defined on user-defined parametric sections.

Note: All resolved sections automatically inherit the defined anchor point.

task target This task shows how to define an anchor point.
pre-requisites No sample document is provided.
scenario 1. Edit the sketched section.
2. If the anchor point you want to define does not correspond to an existing point of the sketch, create an appropriate construction point.
3. Rename the point:
  • Right-click the point and select Properties from the contextual menu.
  • Select the Feature Properties tab in the Properties dialog box.
  • Rename the point using the prefix catStr, for example catStrUserAnchorPoint.
4. Exit the sketcher,  then save the sketch as a CATPart document (File ->Save).
5. Return to the Structure Design workbench:

The new anchor point is automatically added to the Anchor point list. All user anchor points are accompanied by the following symbol: to distinguish them from standard anchor points.

scenario   Anchor points WebSideLeft, WebSideRight and WebCenter are supplied with the product for L, T, flat bar and bulb sections. These anchor points are considered user anchor points and share the same anchor point symbol:

end of task