Managing Multi-Intersections

This task shows how it is not possible to create a plate with more than one domain.
1. With your document open, click the Plate button .

Use the Plate dialog box to create a plate.



For Category, select a plate from the drop down list.

For Support, select CROSS.199.

Set Offset at 10500mm.

  3. Add a Limit. Select the Hull as a limit.

Your 3-D session previews the result:

  4. Click Switch Side to invert the orientation of the Limit.

The preview shows the plate has two domains:

  5. Click OK to create the plate. An error message displays.

Result: the plate is in update error.

  6. To avoid the multi domain limitation, and to create a mono domain plate as below:

    Select DECK.2 as the first Limit of the plate.

The resulting preview:

The resulting plate intersects only the bulb of the hull.

Select the Hull as the second Limit of the plate.

The resulting preview.

Now you are able to create a plate inside the bulb.