Structure Detail Design Package in Knowledge Expert

A Ship Structure Detail Design package is support by Knowledge Expert. This package can be accessed via the object browser and objects, attributes and methods in the package used in expert relations.
This package contains the following main objects:
  • CATSddBeaming
  • CATSddInserting
  • CATSddOpening
  • CATSddPaneling
  • CATSddPlating
  • CATSddStiffening
  • CATSddStiffeningOnFreeEdge
  • CATStrJointExt
All other objects listed in the browser derive from the above main objects, for example DeckPlate derives from CATSddPlating. These objects or sub-classes are managed in the sample feature dictionary.
For information on object attributes and methods, see Ship Structure Detail Design in the Reference Information section of the Knowledge Expert User's Guide.