Graphic Replacement for Plates

This task explains how to generate graphic replacement for plates.

The sample XML file provided with this application is Structure_GraphicReplacement.xml.

This file is located in ../OS/resources/standard/generativeparameters.

Customizing parameters in this file affects the appearance of your drawings and is an administrator task.

The reference planes that will be used for a given project are defined in an XML file pointed by a PRM resource:


For more information, see Project Reference Planes.

Appropriate application licenses including one for Generative Drafting are required.
For information on how to create views using generative view styles, how to set view style parameters or more generally on administering generative view styles, see the Generative Drafting User's Guide.

For graphic replacement for reference plane systems, see Graphic Replacement for Reference Plane Systems.

In the sample XML file, generative view style parameters for plates are located towards the bottom of the file under StructureObjects.

Draw  Values.
Graphic Replacement Values.
AngularTolerance  Values.
LogicalViewGeneration  Values.
ViewType  Description.
NearSide  Parameters.
FarSide  Parameters.
AnnotationTextStyle  Parameters.
MaterialExtrusionSymbol Parameters.
NearSide  Parameters.
FarSide  Parameters.
AnnotationTextStyle  Parameters.

Yes extracts the object. No indicates the object will not be extracted.


Indicates whether to use graphic replacement. Yes or No.

  Angular Tolerance

To trigger this type of view in degrees. Default value is 15.0.

To use the propagation on SuperPlates. Yes indicates propagation will be used. No is the default; no propagation will be used (will project 3-D only).

Offset value used to include or exclude objects using the same support with different offsets. Default value is 0.0.

There are two view types for plates: SideView and AnyView.

Each have NearSide and FarSide parameters, and AnnotationTextStyle  parameters. SideView also has MaterialExtrusionSymbol parameters.

Draws the material throw orientation. Yes or No.
Draws the material throw orientation. Values are:
1 Tick mark (true width)
2 Throw orientation (symbolic)
3 Tick mark and throw orientation
The location on the line representation of the plate where the throw orientation will be drawn. Values are:
1 Start
2 Middle
3 End
The name of the chapter containing material through orientation symbols within the Drawing Symbol Structure Catalog. (Refer to the PRM file.)
The symbol name to draw.
Scale factor to apply to the symbol as drawn. Default is 1.
Length of tick mark when drawing a tick mark. Default is 5.0 millimeters.