Naming Section Characteristics

Naming section characteristics is typically a setup task. This involves identifying all sketch features explicitly with a user name in accordance with a pre-defined naming convention. The advantage of such a naming convention in which user names (web flange1 edge, molded web edge, molded flange1 face, etc.) are standardized is that designers can then easily replace one structural shape by another. Before naming section characteristics, you will need to draw shapes using the Sketcher.

Sections of structural shapes thus named are then stored in a catalog for the designer. 

This task shows you how to identify section characteristics.
Have sketched a structural section.

For more information on sketcher capabilities, see the Sketcher User's Guide.

1. Click the Name Section Characteristics icon:

The Section dialog box appears.

2. Specify the location of the folder containing user sketches.

You now have access to any sketches stored in the selected folder.

A sample set of named sketches are supplied with the product. The sketches are located in the folder startup\EquipmentandSytems\structure\StructuralCatalogs\Sketchs.
3. Select the sketch of interest in the Name box.
4. Name sketch edges using the contextual menu:
  • Right-click a line and select the name from the list of pre-defined names in the contextual menu.

Note: Names in the contextual menu have been filtered and correspond to the type of shape (I, L, C, or T) you want to identify.

A sample set of all user names are defined in a table supplied with the product. This table, CATStrSectionNamingKeys.CATNIs, is located in folder install_folder/resources/msgcatalog.

The file mapping user names to different categories of shape is managed as a project resource.

5. Repeat to identify all sketch edges.
6. Click OK when done.

Examples below show default names for typical shapes.

Typical I Shape:

Typical L Shape:

Typical T Shape:

Typical C Shape:

You can create a catalog of these sections that designers will use when creating stiffeners and beams.