Analyzing Interferences

This task shows you how to view the interferences, and their status, in a design. An interference is found whenever an object intersects or touches another object.  See also Viewing Related Objects and Analyzing Connections.

1. With your document open in the System Design workbench, make an object active, and click the Structure Object Relationships button . The Structure Object Relationships dialog box displays, with the active object and its parent/child displayed.


2. Click the Interference tab to view the interferences and their status.  The Interference tab is only available when it is possible for the active object to have interferences.

3. You can use the options at the lower end of the dialog box to filter for interferences.
  • Contact: An interference in which one object is touching another.
  • Clash: An interference in which one object is going through another.
  • Hide Connected Objects: This option is checked by default. You can uncheck it to view interferences that have been resolved by a connection.
4. You can click on a column heading to sort by it.
  • Show: Informs whether a connected object is Shown or Hidden in the 3D viewer. See Step 5.
  • Clashing Object: The object that is intersecting with the active object.
  • Clash Type: Whether it is a Clash or Contact interference.
  • Cross Doc: Whether the clashing object is in the same document (N) or in a different document (Y).
  • Penetration Generated: Shows whether the interference is the result of a penetration request.
5. You can select one or more rows and Show/Hide them.
6. Click Cancel to exit the command.