Copy and Paste in Same Place

This task explains how to copy and paste objects in your 3-D session with the copied objects remaining in the same place as the original.
You can Copy and Paste a plate, opening, stiffener or beam. You also can multi-select, and copy multiple objects at the same time.


1. In your 3-D session, select an object to copy (a plate, stiffener, beam or opening).

Copy and then Paste.



  When you copy and paste an opening, stiffener or beam, a duplicate copy remains on the same plate.

When you copy and paste a plate, the duplicate copy remains in the same place.

When you copy and paste a plate with stiffeners, openings, and stiffeners on a free edge, all the objects are copied and pasted along with the plate. They all remain in the same place.



After copying and pasting any of these objects, you can locate them in the specifications tree or the 3-D session, and make the necessary modifications.