Splitting a Design by Volume

This tasks shows how to split Structure Functional Design data by functional volume. After splitting, you will have a structure detail design unit CATPart, with each design unit corresponding to a functional volume. See Structure Functional Design documentation to learn more about functional volumes.  
Before you can split a design by volume you should have finished all preparatory work using Structure Functional Design and any other necessary products. Briefly you should have:
  • A design
  • Block geometry
  • Functional volume(s)
  • Planning break preparation

The image below shows a portion of a design, with a functional volume defined and planning break preparation completed.

By default, the generated volume will be saved in the root product. If you want to save it elsewhere then create a product or component and select it to save the generated volume.


1. Open the design, make sure it is selected in the specifications tree, and click the Functional Volume Decomposition button . The Functional Volume Decomposition dialog box displays.

2. The Target and Filter On fields do not need to be changed. Click the down arrow next to the Selection field to display the drop down menu. This will have the entry All in Session, and also list all the volumes available in the design. You can select all volumes, or select any one volume. In the example above the user has selected Center Mid Ship.
3. The Available Objects pane displays all systems that intersect the volume. You can select on or more systems. If, for instance, the volume has two decks, then each deck is likely to be in a separate system. You can select one system, in which case only one deck will be split, or you can select both, in which case both decks will be split. Select the system in the Available Objects pane and click the arrow to move it to the Selected Objects pane.

NOTE: You cannot split more than one volume from the same functional volume. For instance, a functional volume has two systems, and you have split one system. If you then decide to split the second system, the second volume you split will overwrite the first one you created.

  4. Click Apply and OK after you have selected the system. A progress bar displays (after a delay). After the process is complete:
  • A design unit CATPart is created for each functional volume.
  • Objects under the design unit are created as solids, as opposed to the  Structure Functional Design objects, which do not display thickness.
  • There is no link back to the Structure Functional Design object.
  • You can continue working with the generated design unit.