Creating Multiple Stiffeners

This task explains creation of more than one stiffener at the same time.
You can create a stiffener, define its limits and then create several other stiffeners. All stiffener so created will have the same limits as the first stiffener.




1. You can create several stiffeners using one of many methods.

Select the Support field of the Plate dialog box and right click on it. A drop down menu displays - click on Select Reference Planes. The Plane Systems dialog box displays. Select the planes/crosses (Ctrl - click) to define the locations of additional plates. Click OK to place the plates.

You can also enter the plane names in the Key in Planes field.

In the image above the user has keyed in CROSS.77+100. +100 is the offset. This value will display in the Offset field of the Plate dialog box after you click OK.

  2. You can also select planes (or other objects) in your design to define the location of additional stiffeners.
  3. Create a grid, and select the lines of the grid to define the location of stiffeners.