Project Reference Planes

The project reference hull is explained below.
1. The reference planes that will be used for a given project are defined in an XML file pointed by a PRM resource: ProjectReferencePlanes.

A sample file is provided: ../OS/startup/EquipmentAndSystems/Structure/ReferencePlanesSystem.xml

In this sample, three sets of planes are defined: DECK, CROSS and LONG.

NOTE: The format for the ReferencePlanesSystem.xml file has changed. It now incorporates additional attributes such as color and short names. Detailed instructions for converting the file from R16 to R17 are given at the top of the XML file.

When a Structure System is created, the plane systems defined in this XML file are automatically added under Project data.

Later on, if the XML file is modified, you can synchronize the plane systems for existing Structure Systems using the Synchronize the Planes command.

Do not make any changes to the reference planes in your current session because changes are not reflected in the XML file. When you synchronize with the Synchronize the Planes command, you will lose any changes in your design document.

Additionally, any changes will not be reflected in downstream applications (such as Drawing Extraction). 

NOTE: There is a DTD (Document Type Definition) file associated with this XML file. The DTD file enforces certain rules to which the XML file must adhere. If you make any change in the XML file, you must make sure they follow strictly the rules laid out in the DTD file. (You must not make any change in the DTD file.) The application will not function if you do not follow these rules. Also, the DTD file, by default, is located in the same directory as the XML file. If you change the location of ReferencePlanesSystem.xml then you must do the following:

  • Enter the new location of ReferencePlanesSystem.xml in the PRM file.
  • In ReferencePlanesSystem.xml, provide the full path to the DTD file. This should be added in the DOCTYPE entry at the top of ReferencePlanesSystem.xml.

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