Using the Structure Detailing Features Catalog

A sample catalog of slots, endcuts, and small assemblies, StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog, is provided.

This catalog is managed as a project resource at the structure discipline level, and is located in the following folder:


You need to update StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog as required. This task explains how to modify Chapter and Family information.
A previous version of this catalog, DetailingFeatures.catalog, was used prior to Release 17. The new sample catalog, StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog, replaces this previous version.

Release 17 CATIA Documentation explains how to create the new sample catalog.

After you create StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog, follow the steps detailed in this task to update the catalog.

This task is usually performed by an administrator. After modifying Chapter and Family information in the sample catalog, you can add slots, endcuts and small assemblies templates to the catalog.

Open the sample catalog: StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog

The catalog editor opens showing the contents of the sample catalog.

You see that each of the four endcut chapters (Tee, Beam, Angle, Bulb) have Snipe, Weld, and Trim as families. You need to define these families as chapters.

Before defining chapters, delete the three families.

  2. To delete a family, right click on the family and select Delete from the drop down list.

Select OK on the Warning box.

Do the same for all three Tee families.

  3. To create new chapters, select Tee and click the Add Chapter button .

On the Chapter Definition dialog box, change the name in the Name field.

Create three chapters, using the same names as the original names of the families: Snipe, Weld, Trim.

Your StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog looks like this:

  4. Add two families (Custom and Built-in) for each of the new chapters.

Select Snipe and click the Add Family button .

On the Family Definition dialog box, change the name in the Name field (to Custom).

Repeat this procedure to add Built-in.

Do the same for Weld and Trim.

Your StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog looks like this:

  5. Repeat the above steps for Beam, Angle, and Bulb.

Each of these chapters should have Snipe, Weld, and Trim chapters. And each of these chapters should have Custom and Built-in families.

Your StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog looks like this for endcuts:

Slots and small assemblies are unchanged.

  6. Add template features to the catalog for the Custom and Built-in families.

Open the CATPart documents containing the appropriate templates. See Adding Slots, Endcuts and Small Assemblies Templates to a Catalog for a detailed explanation.