Defining Project Parameters

Project parameters set the ship's coordinate system and are managed as project resources. They are defined in the file ProjectParameters.xml.

The default location for this file is ../OS/Startup/EquipmentAndSystems/Structure

This file describes:

  • Ship coordinate system or front orientation.
    This is done by specifying the orientation of the x-axis that runs the length of the hull. Two values are possible:

Xm: the origin is located fore and positive distances proceed aft.
This convention is used by most naval shipyards in the U.S.A., and by some naval shipyards in other countries.


Xp: the origin is located aft and positive distances proceed fore.
This convention is used by commercial shipyards and some European naval shipyards.

  • Units in which values in this file are given.
    Consistency between units specified in this file and those set in CATIA (Tools -> Options -> General -> Parameters and Measure -> Units) is ensured.
  • Location of the midship and centerline.
    This information is used by the xml file describing molded conventions.
Do not change the names (MidShip, CenterLine) given to characteristic planes.

NOTE: There is a DTD (Document Type Definition) file associated with this XML file. The DTD file enforces certain rules to which the XML file must adhere. If you make any change in the XML file, you must make sure they follow strictly the rules laid out in the DTD file. (You must not make any change in the DTD file.) The application will not function if you do not follow these rules. Also, the DTD file, by default, is located in the same directory as the XML file. If you change the location of ProjectParameters.xml then you must do the following:

  • Enter the new location of ProjectParameters.xml in the PRM file.
  • In ProjectParameters.xml, provide the full path to the DTD file. This should be added in the DOCTYPE entry at the top of ProjectParameters.xml.

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