Using the PRM Command

This task shows how you can select a project for your session.


From the appropriate CATIA workbench, launch the project resource management (PRM) command by selecting Tools - Project Management - Select/Browse from the menu bar.

The Project Resource Management dialog box is displayed:

Note that when the dialog box opens the last project that you used is selected.

The Select tab lists all the XML projects setup found in the directory defined by the environment variable CATDisciplinePath. This list begins with a CNEXT project which contains only the applications with their resources as defined and delivered with CNEXT.

  2. Select the project of your choice, here Project.
The corresponding PRM file is read and the disciplines it contains are listed.
3. Select the corresponding discipline, here Piping. Click OK to use the project and discipline you have selected.
4. The following step is used for informational purposes only - to see a list of resources for a particular discipline. To select a project you only need to take the steps explained above.

Select the Browse tab. Once a project and a discipline have been selected, the dialog box lists all the applications defined for the chosen discipline, the description of the active application, and  the list of resources of that application. The list of resources displayed is always that for the active application.

You should also note that the applications displayed include the applications under that particular discipline, and any applications that are at the project level, which means above the discipline in the PRM hierarchy. In the example below, the Piping discipline displays Piping Design and PID, which are part of that discipline. It also displays the Equipment, Hanger Design and Penetration Management applications, because some of their resources have been placed at the project level. The reason for placing them at the project level is that most disciplines make use of these applications.

When the Project Resource Management dialog box first displays, as explained in Step 1, it may contain a third tab - XML Parsing Error. This indicates that there is an XML syntax error in the file that corresponds to the Project you have chosen.

Click the XML Parsing Error tab to display the error, as shown in the image below.

You will need to correct the PRM file to get rid of the error.

Errors in defining resources in the PRM file are explained in Checking a PRM File for Errors.