Synchronizing the Hull

This task explains how to synchronize the proxy of the project reference hull in an existing SFD system after a modification of its definition. This proxy will be called hull feature in the following.
The command is available through a contextual menu on the Project data.

For this command to be effective, you have to start a new Catia session after any change in the resources defining the project reference hull.

1. Start CATIA and check that your project is using Hull1234.
Then create a Structure System with a Shell plate and a Deck limited on the Shell plate, save it and close your CATIA session.
  2. Modify your project to use Hull1234_long. (This hull is 10 meters longer than Hull1234.)
To do so, modify the resources as shown below:
Set StructureHullModel to ../OS/startup/EquipmentAndSystems/Structure/Hull1234_long.CATPart.

Set StructureHullFeatureName to Hull1234_long.

Start CATIA, open the model you created in step 1 and activate your Structure System. Select Project Data in the Spec tree and click on Synchronize the Hull command in contextual menu.

NOTE: To access the contextual menu, the Structure Functional Object Design workbench or Structural Detail Object Design workbench must be active.

This picture shows the Spec tree before Synchronize the Hull.
Notice the name of the hull feature: Hull1234.

  4. The name of the hull feature and its geometry have been synchronized with the new definition of the project reference hull.

Top view showing the hull feature and the deck before Synchronize the Hull.

Same top view after Synchronize the Hull.
The hull feature is now 10 meter longer and all the objects impacted by this change now need to be updated.

Same top view after an update of the Structure System.
The deck has been updated according to the new hull geometry.

This picture shows the Spec tree after Synchronize the Hull.
Notice the name of the hull feature: Hull1234_long.