Creating a Seam in a Stiffener

This task explains creation of a seam in a stiffener.




1. With your document open, click the Split Stiffener button . The Split Stiffener dialog box opens. The default Mode is Seam. You are prompted to select an object to be split. This is the plate for which you want to create a seam on the stiffeners.

  2. Select a plate or a stiffener. All of the stiffeners on the plate are highlighted, and the number of stiffeners on the plate is displayed in the Stiffener field. You are prompted to select a splitting object. This is the object that will be used to create the seam.

NOTE: If you select a plate that has no stiffeners, nothing will happen. You will continue to be prompted to select an object to be split.

  3. You can select the elements list icon next to the Stiffener field to display the list of the stiffeners. But this is strictly a display list. You will not be able to select Remove or Replace.
  4. Select a splitting object. This can be a plane, a curve, a surface, or a plate. The splitting object should intersect the stiffeners, but no test is done to verify this. You can select any number of splitting objects. In the image below, the user has selected one plane as splitting objects.

Notice that the number of splitting elements is displayed in the Splitting Object field.

  5. The image below shows the result after the user clicked the OK button. Three seams were created, and each stiffener was split into 2 pieces. For more information on this, see Organizing Seams and Breaks. Note: if a splitting object does not intersect a stiffener, the splitting object is still saved, but no seam is created for that stiffener.

NOTE: If you want to add a seam to only some of the stiffeners on the plate, then use the Sketcher button. Here you can draw the sketch so that it only intersects some of the stiffeners.

  6. The other functions that were described in Creating a Seam on a Plate are available here:
  • the Sketcher button
  • the Elements List for the Splitting Objects
  • selecting reference planes for the splitting objects
  • selecting a plane to create a sketch (if you are creating seams on shell stiffeners).