Editing Material for Profiles

This task explains how you can edit the material  properties of an existing profile. You can edit the material, grade and section combination that is defined in the specifications catalog.



1. With your document open in the appropriate workbench, double click on the object to open the dialog box, such as the Stiffener dialog box. (You can also open the dialog box by right clicking on the object, and selecting the object - xxx.object - and Definition in the drop down menus.) Select the  Material & Orientation tab in the dialog box (e.g. Stiffener dialog box if you are working with stiffeners). The image below shows the options you can edit for material selection.



Select a material by clicking on the down arrow. When you select a material, the Grade and Section values will not change. If the previously selected values are no longer valid - they do not exist in the specifications catalog - the entries will display a symbol to show the entries are not correct (the symbol, called the Invalid symbol is shown below). In this example the material was changed from steel to aluminum. The grade and section are not available in the catalog, therefore these fields are displaying the Invalid symbol.

  3. Click the down arrow in the Grade field. The incorrect grade will display in the drop down list, along with valid grades. Select a valid grade. Once you select a valid grade, valid sections will be available for selection.
  4. Select a section in the Section field.
  5. Click OK when you have made your selections.
The material and grade you select for the Material and Grade fields above, should exist in both the specifications catalog and the material catalog. If the material and grade exist in the specifications catalog but NOT in the material catalog you will get the following error messages:

In Structure Design: ERROR: The selected material, grade combination cannot be found in the material catalog. You will not be able to create the plate.

In Structure Functional Design: WARNING: The selected material, grade combination cannot be found in the material catalog. You will be able to create the plate, but will not be able to generate a piece part from your design.