Basic Navigation

This task shows how to take all the basic benefits from the reference plane browser.
The reference plane browser lists the reference planes defined in the active structure system. The planes come from the SfdProject data GeometricalSet or any user defined Plane System and Sub-plane system. Several filters are provided, the plane list can be filter by Plane system or Sub- plane system, or a user can key in a query to select one or several planes. For the key in capability, please check the Selection based on Formulas chapter.
1. Select reference Plane contextual menu has been clicked. The Reference Plane Browser dialog box displays. NOTE: This panel allows only selection from its graphic user interface and never from a 3D selection.

2. The panel has 2 combo filters: Select system and Select sub-system.
The Select system lists the Plane Systems defined in the active structure system.

The Select sub-system lists the Sub-plane Systems defined under the Plane System of the active structure system.

  • The default filters are set to None. No reference plane is listed in Select planes list, and no Sub-plane System is available in the Select sub-system filter.
  • The Select system filter can be set to All. All reference planes are listed in Select planes list, and all Sub-plane Systems are available in the Select sub-system filter.
3. In this sample, the SfdProjectData GeometricalSet has 3 built-in Grid sets and a user defined Grid set called User Defined - Plane system.5.

To select one plane or several planes from the WEB Sub-plane System, the Select system filter must be set to User Defined - Plane system.5 and the Select sub-system filter to WEB. All reference planes under the WEB Sub-plane System are displayed in the Select planes list.

4. Click one or several plane(s) in the Select planes list, the Ok button is now active and the Key in planes displays the result of the selection.

Key in planes keeps in memory the last ten selections.

5. Click Ok, the selection information is sent to the panel editor the reference plane browser has been called from.