Stiffener Creation

Once you have created decks and bulkheads, you will want to add stiffeners to them to strengthen them. This task has a simple explanation of deck longitudinal stiffener creation. This, and other types of stiffeners, are explained in more detail in Creating Stiffeners. The image below shows longitudinal stiffeners (highlighted) placed on a deck.



1. Select the plate on which you want to place a stiffener and click the Stiffener button to open the Stiffener dialog box.

  2. Select the Deck Longitudinal Stiffener category and check the Automatic checkbox.
  3. Click in the Support field and then select a support. You can select any of the following:
  • Plane
  • Another plate
  • A surface that intersects the plate - you can create your own surface if you need to

The stiffener is placed when you select a support.

  4. Click OK when you have finished.