Placing End Cuts

This task explains how to place end cuts on stiffeners with limits.

The procedure, described below, applies to both the Structure Detail Design and Structure Functional Design applications.

You use the Stiffener dialog box to open the End Cut dialog box, and define an end cut for a selected stiffener.
1. With your 3-D session open, double click a stiffener with a Start or End limit, requiring an end cut.

In this example, the stiffener is limited by the transversal bulkhead.

The Stiffener dialog box displays with information for the selected stiffener.



Right click the stiffener with the Start or End limit (the End limit in this example), and select Define End Cut.

The End Cut dialog box displays. In the dialog box, an image of the end cut type displays.

  3. Select Type and End Cut from the drop down lists.

From the list you can select the following built-in end cuts:

Short Point         Weld 

Long Point          Metal to Metal 

These built-in end cuts require less CPU and memory than custom end cuts.

Certain custom end cuts are also provided, and you can customize them as required.

The above example uses a Web Snipe Radius, a custom end cut.

  4. Modify Parameter values as necessary.

Click OK to return to the Stiffener dialog box. The end cut you selected displays under the End Cut column.

Click OK in the Stiffener dialog box.

For Structure Detail Design:

In the 3-D session, you can see the end cut placed on the stiffener.

For Structure Functional Design:

In the 3-D session, you see a blue dot, which represents the end cut.

You also see ConnectionsSet in the specifications tree. ConnectionsSet is where information on all connections (such as end cuts) is stored and managed.

ConnectionsSet appears only once on the specifications tree, regardless of the number of end cuts or slots in your 3-D session.

If an object such as a bulkhead is moved, the end cut, represented by the blue dot, does not move with the bulkhead, and remains where placed in the 3-D session.

So you must update ConnectionsSet.



To update ConnectionsSet information:

Right click on ConnectionsSet in the specifications tree. Select ConnectionsSet Object - Update from the drop down menus.

A message box indicates the information is updated.

After clicking OK, the end cut (as a blue dot) moves beside stiffener where appropriate.