Add Computed Attribute to Object Name

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task explains how you can display computed attribute values in an object name.  
Computed attributes are so called because their values are computed by the application from other data. You can add them to object names, but the process is different from that explained in Modifying Object Naming Rules. See the section Computed Attributes if you want to learn more about the attributes.
ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) 1. To add computed attributes to an object name you need to make or change entries in an ID Schema file which is located in the directory defined for the XXXIDSchema resource in your project resource management file. The default in the sample file is ...EquipmentAndSystems\XXX\DataDictionary where XXX is the discipline, such as Piping or HVAC. An IDSchema file for each class will exist in this directory if object naming rules have been defined for it. As an example, the piping class Reducing Bushing has a file named sch-CATPipReducingBushing.xml. If there is the numeral 1 after the file name then it is for a reference part. If there is no numeral then it is for an instance part.
2. You can use a computed attribute that is defined for a particular class or its parent, and that has been exposed in Knowledgeware. To learn more about exposed attributes see Using Knowledgeware Packages. You should also see Knowledgeware documentation to learn more about Knowledgeware.
3. The contents of the sample ID Schema file look like this:

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding="ASCII"?>

<!DOCTYPE Doct SYSTEM "schemaid.dtd"><!-- @version: -->


<schema_CST value="RED"/>

<schema_CST value="-"/>

<schema_SeqNbr seq_IEND="6" seq_NMIN="3" seq_ISTART="1"/></Doct>

  4. You need to add a line after the word <Doct> to define the computed attribute  you want displayed in the object name. To add the attribute insert the following line:

<schema_ATT value = "XXXXX"/>

where XXXXX is the computed attribute such as ParentPipingLineName.

Save the file (do not change the file type).

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