Defining Orientation Properties

This task explains how you can define the orientation properties of a beam or pillar. See also Defining Material for Profiles.





1. With your document open click the Material and Orientation tab in the Beam dialog box.

  2. Select Material, Grade, and Section. See Defining Material for Profiles for more information.
  3. Select an Anchor Point.
  4. Enter an Angle.

This is the angle of rotation of the beam or pillar around the anchor point. The images below show a beam at 0 degrees, and rotated to 90 degrees. You can use the Up and Down arrows next to the Angle field to rotate the object. Right click in the Angle field and select Change Step in the drop down menu to change the value of the step.


  5. Click the Flip button to flip the section. You can use the button to toggle the beam position. The following image shows a section flipped horizontally about the Y axis.


  6. Click OK when you have made your selections.