Using Section Manipulators

This task shows how to use section manipulators.  
Section manipulators display when you are placing stiffeners and beams. You can also use them when you are editing the objects. It allows you to perform tasks you can do through the Material & Orientation tabs, but using visual displays instead. (You will not have manipulators when using the Stiffener on Free Edge command.)
1. When placing or editing a beam, you can set the angle and anchor point, and flip it, by using the manipulator. (This same action can be done by selecting in the dialog box.) In the image below, the dots set the anchor point (denoted by the number 1). The arcs, and the arrows can be used to change the angle. The center manipulator arrow is used to flip the section. More information about these actions can be found in Defining Orientation for Beams/Pillars.

2. When placing a section you can set the anchor point by clicking on one of the three dots, noted by the number 1 in the manipulator image below. (This same action can be done by selecting in the Anchor Point field of the dialog box.) You can also flip by clicking on the arrowhead (number 2). These actions are also explained in the task Defining Orientation (for stiffeners).

If you are placing or editing more than one section than the manipulator will display on one section only, but the actions will apply to all sections.