Project Reference Hull

The project reference hull is explained below.
1. The surface that will be used as reference hull for a given project is defined by two resources: StructureHullModel and StructureHullFeatureName.

StructureHullModel defines the path of the CATPart containing the surface.
Default location for this file is../OS/startup/EquipmentAndSystems/Structure.
A sample CATPart is provided: ../OS/startup/EquipmentAndSystems/Structure/Hull1234.CATPart.
StructureHullFeatureName defines the name of the surfacic feature that will be used as project reference hull. In the sample CATPart provided, its name is Hull1234.

NOTE: The normal vector of this surface has to point inside for the molded convention to behave correctly.

  2. When a Structure System is created, a copy of this project reference hull is automatically added under Project data.

Later on, if the project reference hull is modified, you can synchronize this copy using Synchronize the Hull command.

NOTE: Usually, you would use the hull only for creating shell plates. Other structural objects (e.g. bulkheads, stiffeners etc.) would be referring to shell plates rather than the Hull.

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