Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams


Using This Guide

What's New?

Getting Started

Entering the Workbench

Setting up Working Units and Grid

Placing Components

Routing a Piping Line or I and C Loop

Placing Components in a Piping Line

Repositioning Components in a Network

Saving Documents

User Tasks

Routing Piping Lines/I and C Loops

Routing Between Equipment

Creating a Branch

Moving a Branch

Manage Piping Lines/I and C Loops

Creating a Line ID

Querying a line ID or its members

Select/Filter Line IDs

Transfer members of a line ID

Deleting a line ID

Renaming a Line ID

Modifying the Properties of a Line ID

Merging Line IDs

Importing Line IDs

Placing Components

Placing component multiple times

Placing a nozzle on a component

Placing Images in Multiple Diagrams

Querying/Updating Images

Modify Object Properties

Edit or Display Properties of an Object

Changing the Display Order of Properties

Filter Shown Properties of an Object

Renaming Objects

Propagate Object Properties

Copying Attributes

On and Off Sheet Connectors

Building On/Off Sheet Connectors

Placing On/Off Sheet Connectors

Linking and Unlinking On/Off Sheet Connectors

Query Connector for Linked Object

General Design Modification

Search for Objects in a Document

Display Flow Arrows in Document

Display Line Gaps in Document

Connect Objects

Disconnect Objects

Measure Distance Between Objects

Moving Schematic Objects

Align Objects

Defining Frame Information

Sliding In-Line Components

Pushing Route Segments

Modifying a Component

Rotating a Component

Flipping a Component in Free Space

Flipping a Connected Component

Changing the Scale of a Component

Switch Graphic Representations

Replacing a Component

Delete/Unbuild a Component

Modifying a Route

Setting Graphic Properties of a Line

Adjust the Position of a Segment

Move the Extremity of a Route

Lock or Unlock a Route

Breaking a Route

Connecting Two Routes

Set the Flow Direction of a Route

Display Flow Arrows on a Line

Defining a Flexible Route

Moving the Middle Points of a Route

Creating and Managing Zones

Creating a Zone

Creating a Boundary

Modifying a Boundary

Updating a Boundary

Querying a Zone

Modifying the Properties of a Zone

Delete/Rename a Zone

Annotating Diagrams

Creating a Standard Annotation

Editing Annotation on a Placed Component

Building new components

Building a Graphic

Create a Component with Specified Type

Defining Connectors on a Component

Querying Connector Attributes

Defining Dynamic Connectors

Define Flow Path on a Component

Define Multiple Representations of a Component

Storing Objects in a Catalog

Analyzing Networks

Analyze Network for Connections

Viewing Related Objects

Performing Checks and Applying Design Rules

Using Knowledgeware Packages

Importing Checks from Knowledgeware

Importing Checks and Rules from a Catalog

Checking a Document for Design Errors

Applying Design Rules to a Document

Title Block and Printing

Printing a Sheet

Inserting Images and Editing Background

Transferring a Diagram

Physical Part Selection

Define the Physical Part Type of a Component

Select the Physical Part Number of a Component

Query the Physical Properties of a Component

Creating Component Groups

Building a Component Group

Storing Component Groups in a Catalog

Placing a Component Group

Defining Component Group Flow


Importing Zones from a 3-D Document

Migrating V4 Models to V5

Creating a Directory Structure

Exporting the V4 Project Registration Model

Exporting the V5 Feature Dictionary

Comparing the XML Output

Importing the XML Output

Exporting V4 Piping Lines

Migrating the V4 Model

Connecting Elements

Managing Logical Publications and Connections

Managing Document Links


Creating a Product

Importing a Product

Saving a Document in ENOVIA

Saving a Work Package

Computed Attributes





Customizing Settings



Design Criteria


Project Resource Management

Using the PRM Command

Understanding Project Resource Management

Checking a PRM File for Errors

Organizing Resources in PRM File

List of PRM Resources and Flags

Feature Dictionary: Creating Object Classes and Attributes

Defining User Names for Classes and Attributes

Comparing Feature Dictionaries

Mapping the Functional Physical Classes

Opening a Document Without CATfct File

Creating Custom Reports

Defining the Report Format

Generating a Report

Generating a Report from a Macro

Creating a Toolbar Shortcut for a Macro

Defining Options

Finding Sample Data on Various Platforms

Specifications Tree

Object Naming

Modifying the Object Naming Rules

Add Computed Attribute to Object Name

Creating Text Templates

Creating a Text Template

Creating a Text Template Catalog

Placing a Text Template

Adding Template to Reference Component

Updating Text Templates

Line ID Catalogs

Displaying Line ID Properties in Catalog

Modifying/Updating a Lines Catalog

Generating a Part Catalog Report

Working with ENOVIA

Setup for Enovia

Resources That Must be Placed in ENOVIA

Workbench Description

Design Modify Toolbar

Build Create Toolbar

Design Create Toolbar

On/Off Sheet Connector Toolbar

Line ID Toolbar

Zone Toolbar