Defining Dynamic Connectors

This task shows how to enable dynamic connectors on a component.
Enabling dynamic connectors allows for automatic creation of connectors during the design process. During some functions, such as routing or connect, connectors will be created when you click on the component.

1. Click the Build Connector button and then click the component to which you want to add connectors. The Build Connector box displays, showing connector types that can be placed on the component.

2. Click the Dynamic tab and select a connector type in the Build Connector box. You can select as many types as you need. An X appears next to a type that has been selected. Clicking Select All will select all connector types; Clear All will clear all selections.
3. Click Close to enable dynamic connectors.
4. The component below has four static connectors. It also has dynamic connectors enabled.

Below you can see the dynamic connector that the user can create during the routing process.

Once you have created a dynamic connector you can create flow, rename etc. - everything you can do with a static connector. To be able to do this an option must be enabled. Click Tools - Options, select Equipment & Systems and the Diagrams tab, and check the Modify Dynamic Connectors checkbox. See Define Connectors on a Component to learn more about connector creation.