Updating Text Templates

This task shows you how to update text templates.    

Text templates that point to standard attributes that are in the feature dictionary do not need to be updated - they are updated automatically when a value changes. However, text templates that point to non-standard attributes that are not in the feature dictionary - such as computed attributes like ParentPipingLineName or PhysicalPartNumber - do not update automatically. To update these you need to use the Text Update command.

It is recommended that you use this command before saving a document that has text templates pointing to non-standard attributes.

1. In the example below, the line to which the valve belongs has been changed using the standard Transfer Line ID command. But the text template does not reflect the changed line.

2. To update, click the Text Update button . All text templates in the open document will be updated. The image below shows the updated line.

aendtask.gif (1477 bytes)