Importing Checks and Rules from Knowledgeware

This task shows you how to import checks (and rules) from Knowledgeware into your 3D document. Obviously, you must have Knowledgeware installed to do so.
Before you can use this function, you must make sure the settings are correct. Click Tools - Options - General - Parameters and Measure and click on the Knowledge Environment tab. Under Language, check Load extended language libraries. Either check All Packages, or uncheck this option and load the packages you will be using.

A second setting you must make sure of is: Click Tools - Options - Infrastructure  and click the Tree Customization tab. Activate Parameters and Relations.

1. With your document open, make the root object in the specifications tree active, and then click Start - Infrastructure - Knowledge Expert. The application will open and you will see new entries in the specifications tree. Now you have to import the sample checks and rules provided with this application.
2. Click the Insert Rules button. The Load Report box will display. Navigate to the directory where the sample files are stored and import the files for the application you are running. The default directory and files you need to import are listed below:

For Piping Design: ...intel_a\startup\EquipmentAndSystems\MultiDiscipline\SampleData

Import the following files for Piping Design, HVAC Design and Tubing Design:

  • PhysicalPartsConnectivityCheck.CATProduct
  • PhysicalPartsInconsistentNameCheck.CATProduct
3. The checks and rules you have imported will display in the specifications tree.

4. Double click on the root product in the specifications tree to exit Knowledgeware and return to your workbench.