Aligning Objects

This task shows you how to align objects. You can align objects vertically or horizontally, and the former is explained here.  


1. With your document open, click the Align Vertical button (for horizontal alignment click Align Horizontal). The Align Component box prompts you to select the first object to align. When you move your pointer over an object a dashed line displays, to help you select the exact location to align.

When the option Use Placement Point is unchecked you can align using connectors or the edges of the bounding box. If you check the option then you will only be able to select the placement point.

2. Select the first alignment point, and move your pointer over the second object. A dashed line will not show but the points that you can select for alignment will display. Make your selection - the second object aligns to the first. All connections of the second object are maintained.