Propagate Object Properties

This task explains how to propagate nominal size attributes using the Properties dialog box. You can propagate a change in size value throughout a network path with certain limitations.
You can propagate only nominal size attributes associated to a connector. You can propagate either with Nominal Size, Nominal Size 2, Nominal Size 3 or Nominal Size 4.
1. To propagate a nominal size attribute throughout a network path, right-click the object in your document and select Properties from the drop-down menu. (You can also right-click the object in the specifications tree).

In the example below, the object is a three-way valve.

The Properties dialog box displays.

2. To change the nominal size of an object and propagate the object properties, select a value from the drop-down list.

For this example, enter 3in in the Nominal Size 2 field..

3. Click the Propagate button.

The Attribute to Propagate dialog box displays, showing the attributes that can be propagated.

Select Nominal Size 2.

Click OK to return to the Properties dialog box. The network path for the Nominal Size 2 is highlighted.

  4. Click Apply or OK in the Properties dialog box.

The network path for Nominal Size 2 is propagated with the changed nominal size attributes. Additionally, any objects in the network with a nominal size attribute are changed to the  Nominal Size 2 attributes (in this case, 3 inches).

  5. You can include nozzles when you propagate. Select Nozzles under Include Objects in the Attribute to Propagate dialog box.

Click OK. The nominal size attributes propagate through the network path, and include the nozzle.


You cannot propagate:

  • Objects of a different discipline than the propagating object.
  • Objects with no nominal size, or equivalent size attribute.
  • Off-sheet connectors.
  • Branch to Main Route.
  • Main Route to Branch.
  • An object in a different logical line (Line ID).