Define the Physical Part Type of a Component

This task shows you how to define the physical part type of a component.
When you create a component with a specified function type you are defining a functional component in a 2D diagram.  When you assign a physical part type you are associating a 2D component to a 3D physical part; one that assumes the physical characteristics and properties used in a 3D environment. 

When you define the physical part type of a component you are assigning it a part type and catalog part name based on the items mapped in Function Physical Mapping tables found in both the Design Rules and in the Specification.  In the following scenario a Blocking Valve (function) was placed in free space to illustrate the various part types available under that function class.  See Select the Physical Part Name of a Component for applying the part number.

Although this function - and associated functions - is described (below) using the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams application, it operates identically in the HVAC, Tubing, Waveguide and Electrical Diagrams applications.

1. Click the Part Selection button and select the component in the document.
2. The Part Selection dialog box opens and displays the available Part Types and Catalog Part Names.


3. Select the desired part type from the Part Type column.  If you know the correct name for the component, select it from the choices in the Catalog Part Name column.
4. Click OK when finished.